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How we started

The BaileyGrayAgency (BGA) was created when our Owner and CEO, D. Clarke discovered a need and created a solution. Named after both of her grandmothers, Essie Bailey and Betty Gray Lawson. This agency is a one stop shop for your social media, adminstrative, and event based business need

Our Services

We offer social media management,  administrative assistance, event planning and consulting for small businesses and entrepreneurs while allowing you to build a credible brand by staying true to who you are!

How we can help you

Don't have time to send emails, create invoices and contracts and other daily administrative tasks for your business? Don't have time to update your social media pages for your business? Or plan your upcoming event?   Then The BaileyGrayAgency is for you! We are here to help entrepreneurs and business owners who want the professional look and feel of an assistant, just virtually. 

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